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Our online store is closed for renovations - we'll advised registered wholesaler when the store is reopened!  Please follow us at           for daily deals and announcements. 

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Registered Wholesale businesses get access to in-person shopping in our warehouse, discounted pricing, early notification of new products and no sales tax. We are required to have a current EIN or State issued Retail License on file for all of our registered Wholesale businesses. If the state your business is registered in does not have a Retail License (such as Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon then we will need an EIN number. There is no charge to register your business, just complete the form below and provided the required documentation. We will follow up with you after our review and approval. Approval of any wholesale business request is at the sole discretion of Global Mineral management. 


1. Complete and Submit form below.

2. Email or Mail a copy of your current Retail or Resellers License to:

    Email: sales@globalmineral.com

    Mailing Address: Global Mineral, 469 Omaha Ave, Tyler, Texas 75704

No retail or resellers license for your state? enter EIN number below.