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Satin Spar / Selenite

Below are pictures of a few options available at this time.  See Wholesale Produce and Pricing List for more options, please contact us at Sales@globalmineral.com if you would like pictures of other products. Click on the picture to see an enlarged view.

All Satin Spar/Selenite are sold individually and are random pull. There are a limited number of each item available. 

Registered Wholesale - Use the Log In link above to access the Wholesale Product and Pricing List.

Click Retail Sales Contact Form for retail purchases. 

Satin Spar/Selenite:

2 1/4" sphere

Rainbow Fluorite

3" sphere

Orange 4" heart bowl

2" tall candle holder

Apx. 4" short sticks

2" bowl

4" bowl

Apx. 7" tall, Rough tower

Apx. 5"x3" charging plate

1 1/2" small heart

2" tall candle holder

Apx. 9" incense holder

Apx. 7" tall, Large rough  tower

Apx. 4" tall, Rough crystal tower

Apx. 4" tall, crystal tower

Apx. 7" tall, Large crystal tower

Apx. 2" tall, crystal tower

Orange 2" tall candle holder 

Orange Apx. 4" short sticks

Apx. 3" charging plate or Apx. 3" flat heart

Cubes Apx. 2" 

Pyramid Apx 3" 

Jar with lid 

Triple Moons 

Hexagon Bowl Apx. 3 1/2" 

Flat circle charging plate Cubes Apx. 3" 

Cresent Moon Candle holder Apx. 5"